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YOLO Mentoring


Therapeutic Services

Joe Adorno

CEO & Founder

Joe Adorno is the founder of YOLO Mentoring LLC. 

He holds a Master’s degree in social work (MSW) from the University of Central Florida and an undergraduate psychology degree from the University of Tampa. He has more than a decade of experience working in the social services industry and worked in the Circuit 9 Court System as a family and children’s advocate. He has helped a variety of children and families from varying cultural backgrounds, homeless persons, people undergoing substance abuse, people with mental health problems, and has worked with the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice as well as the Florida Department of Children and Families.

Mr. Adorno enjoys working with the youth, especially teenagers of all backgrounds and situations. His love for encouraging and helping the youth overcome life’s obstacles is what drove him to start the unique YOLO Mentoring program. He lives by the philosophy that “no matter how hard life may get, there is always an opportunity to better yourself and change your situation.” Mr. Joe tries to instill this philosophy in every child that goes through the program.

Our Team



Tyrus Cooper

Senior Mentor

Over the past few years, Tyrus has served as an Executive Administrative Assistant for an IT consulting firm. In this position, he was responsible for meeting planning (virtually and face to face), website/customer service management to name a few. His structured background and international travels have helped him become a well rounded (cultured) individual and an effective communicator.

In 2009 he began mentoring at-risk youth through a program with Children’s Home Society. Since then, he has become certified as a Foster Care/Adoptive parent, with the intent to be an advocate for our youth. He believes that he is finding his calling as he devotes his time to increase the light inside you to shine for all to see.

In his free time, he appreciates capturing the beauty of our world through his camera, keeping a photo journal of his life’s adventures. He also appreciates a wide variety of music, movies, and food. His personal mantra is to try something new. This, he believes, helps him live adventurously while maintaining respect and admiration for all cultures.

Joseph Guzman

Senior Mentor and Trainer/Administrative Assistant

Joseph enjoys learning and is currently enrolled at Valencia College. He is currently studying architecture and someday hopes to become an architect to share his passion with the world.

Basketball, soccer, and tennis are some of Joseph's favorite sports to participate in during his spare time. Joseph loves being active with the children he mentors and often takes them to parks to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

Joseph's favorite part of being a mentor is getting to be a positive role model for children who are missing that part of their life. He takes this role very seriously as he understands how important that is to a developing mind.

Felix Carela

Senior Mentor and Trainer

Felix is currently attending Florida International University where he will be graduating with a Bachelors of Arts in Public Administrations with a minor in Criminal Justice. After graduations, Felix plans on pursuing a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice.

There are numerous hobbies that Felix enjoys. Basketball, running, reading mystery novels, and movies are just a few. Felix also has a passion for exploring new places that he's never been to as well as traveling and learning new things.

Felix's favorite part of mentoring is meeting and getting to know the children that he works with. He enjoys connecting with them and their diverse cultures. Through this connection, he is able to learn a little more about this vast world. Felix believes that the children teach him as much as he is able to teach them.


Jonathan Moore


Bio to be published soon!


Jorge Rosario


Bio to be published soon!


Anthony Desoren


Bio to be published soon!


Khalil Morel 


Bio to be published soon!


Nataniel Morel 


Bio to be published soon!

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